About Terawins

Terawins, Inc. was established in 2002 in Silicon Valley, USA. We specialize in development of high-performance mixed-signal integrated circuits. The company’s core R&D team came from top design house companies both locally and abroad. We have numbers of R&D and software patents focused on applications for smart projection, smart home appliances, multimedia display, etc. Our chip’s application covers consumer electronics, security equipment, vehicle-mounted devices, peripherals, etc. At present, we are in partnership with well-known companies such as Xiaomi, MALATA, Panasonic, and Sony. Our products are readily available across global sales channels like Amazon, Walmart, Saturn, MediaMarkt, IngramMicro, etc.

Our headquarters office is located in Taipei, Taiwan. We have two branches, Terawins, Inc. Shenzhen Branch located in Shenzhen, China and Terawins, Inc. Hefei Branch located in Hefei, China. Due to strategic locations of all our offices, we can quickly support customers in Taipei, Pearl River Delta Economic Zone (PRDEZ), Yangtze River Delta industrial area, and Bohai Economic Rim (BER). We provide complete logistics support and continuously create innovations in the field of smart projection, smart home appliances, and multimedia display industry. We aim to provide easy-to-use technological products.

Company Branches

Terawins, Inc.

Headquarters and R&D Center

Terawins, Inc. Shenzhen Branch

Sales and Customer Service Office

Terawins, Inc. Hefei Branch

Sales and R&D Office