Modules Solution

High-precision 6-axis Inertial Navigation Module

This module adopted MPU6050, a high-precision gyro accelerometer. This utilizes I2C interface and has its own voltage stabilization circuit, which is compatible with 3.3V embedded systems. The module integrates position solver and dynamic Kalman filter algorithm. As a result, it can accurately output the current position of the module in a dynamic environment.


  • Supply Voltage:3.3V
  • Current:<10mA
  • Size:16.47mm x 16.48mm x 1.2mm
  • Dimension
    • Acceleration:3D;Angular Velocity:3D;Euler Angles:3D
  • Range
    • Acceleration:±16g;Angular Velocity:±2000deg/s
  • Resolution
    • Acceleration:6.1e-5g;Angular Velocity:0.05deg/s

TWTool Board

Terawins TWTool board exclusively uses FTDI4232H USB interface.


  • Supply Voltage:5V
  • Current:<100mA
  • Size:77mm x 49mm x 1.2mm