We have innovative and unique algorithm that gives each chip the ability to learn and predict on its own to achieve real-time image processing. In addition to smart learning, our powerful image processing engine converts the received signals to meet the needs of various image applications. It upgrades the resolution and clarity to preserve the vividness and improve the details of the picture. Moreover, it can optimize the frame rate to enhance the screen response rate, which makes the image as smooth as the real object.

on a Chip

Our highly integrated SoC technology provides customers with multi-function features for both high-end and low-end products which reduces cost and at the same time enhances competitive advantages.


Provides firmware and tools for Android environment which can shorten the time of product development.


Complete Windows development tools and software. Easy to use control interface. Provides user-friendly development environment.


Provides various hardware and firmware design development services in compliance with customer’s product requirements. Complete customer support from conception to completion of design.