Main Function

  • Model:T581VT
  • Applications:Video Door Phone(high-end)
  • Digital Inputs:CCIR656/601
  • Analog Inputs:CVBS
  • Digital Output Signal:sRGB,RGB888,i80 Master. Support up to 800x600
  • Analog Output Signal:RGB 3-independent DAC
  • OSD:3K-word SRAM
  • MCU:32-bit MIPS
  • Other Peripherals:SAR,I2C,UART,SPI NOR flash,SD card
  • Package:LQFP 100-pin


  • 32-bit RISC CPU with MMU
  • -System control
    -Support 16-bit instruction set for smaller code foot-print
    -EJTAG interface for S/W development

  • Memory subsystem
  • -Built-in 80K SRAM for fast code execution
    -SPI NOR flash controller
      ➢Support code eXecution-In-Place(XIP) for smaller foot-print in SRAM
      ➢Can store snapshots
    -No SDRAM needed to save system cost

  • SD/MMC card interface controller
  • -SD card supports up to 32GB SDHC
    -Optimized FAT support for robust and reliable file access.
      ➢The file can keep intact when sudden power failure.
      ➢Quick file change when recording (less than 0.5 seconds)

  • On-chip peripherals
  • -Interrupt controller, System Timer, Watch-Dog Timer
    -UART*2, one with hardware flow control
      ➢to connect/control additional sensors, like g-sensor(acceleromter), GPS-mouse, etc.
    -I2C master/slave modes
    -SAR for keypads

  • System (Power) Management Unit
  • -Dynamic Clock frequency adjustment to save power consumption
    -Operation, Suspend, Shutdown mode.
    -Built-in Real-Time Clock (RTC) for embedding wall clock in record MJPEG.
    -Internal LDO for core power 1.8V

  • Hardwired JPEG, MJPEG encoder
  • -Support 720x480 30fps on-the-fly.
    -Support embedding RTC time to JPEG directly.
    -Support saving to SD storage directly and with standard FAT format

  • Hardwired JPEG, MJPEG decoder
  • -Support up to 720x480 30fps

  • Motion Detection
  • -Support motion detection either through digital CCIR input or analog CVBS input
    -Triggered event point can be saved in MJPEG file

  • i80 Slave mode
  • -i80 Slave mode

  • On Screen Display(OSD)
  • -A simple and easy-to-program OSD for UI

  • Display processor with Scalar and OSD
  • -Supports one channel 10-bits ADC for CVBS
    -Supports digital CCIR656 or 8-/16-bits CCIR601 for CMOS sensors
    -Live view on panel while encoding
    -Independent Horizontal/Vertical Scaling Up/Down, non-linear FIR scaling for 16:9 ⇔ 4:3 conversion
    -Image enhancement includes sharpness, BLE, DLTi, contrast, brightness, DCTi, hue, saturation, ….
    -Build-in patterns generator, Gamma correction, Dithering
    -Timing controller for LCD panel
    -Supported Panel types:
      ➢i80 vsync and command modes
      ➢Single channel TTL (Digital RGB, 6 or 8 bits) panel with TCON
      ➢Serial RGB panel
    -DC-DC convert, LED/CCFL backlight convert, Open Lamp protection